Monday Update - Volunteer Forum tonight, HIVE addressing mayoral candidates, more

By Matthew Sweet (@matthewdsweet)

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Today's News:


  • Hamilton’s four major environmental groups, Green Venture, Environment Hamilton, Bay Area Restoration Council, and Hamilton Naturalists' Club, have teamed up to reach out to the community.  If you’d like to get involved with environmental initiatives in Hamilton, you won’t want to miss a forum TONIGHT June 9, 7pm to introduce programs happening in Hamilton over the summer. The event takes place at Hamilton Central Library.  For more information click here or contact
  • Our partners at Hamilton HIVE are meeting with each mayoral candidate in advance of the municipal elections, and they are looking for your input and questions on the issues that are important to young professionals.  Send a tweet to @hamiltonhive and raise issues related to sustainability!


  • Citizens at City Hall (CATCH) recently published two articles with sustainability themes, one on road construction being considered an improvement in sustainability here, and one on the response of cities to climate change here.  We will have Don McLean of CATCH (amongst his many hats) on the SPN Podcast in the next couple of days
  • The 33rd Report to the Club of Rome provides further confirmation to the findings presented in the think tank's original report, "Limits to Growth" from 1972.  Entitled "Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering the Planet", the report details the energy, economic and environmental consequences of ongoing mineral extraction and resource depletion, including fossil fuels.  The report is being published on June 12th but you can read a summary here and here (two parts).
  • Paul Krugman with the New York Times has an interesting take on climate change denial and the economy vs environment false argument here.
Posted on June 9, 2014 .