Trees, Please!

The Hamilton Naturalists’ Club is launching a free tree-planting program for residents of Crown Point. The program, called Trees, Please! aims to plant 100 native trees and shrubs this spring, to increase urban forest canopy cover – the proportion of land that is covered by tree crowns. Trees improve the ecological, economic, and human   health of our communities.

Interested residents can apply via an on-line form:
or by contacting

The free program begins with a backyard consultation with HNC staff to identify a suitable location and tree species. Residents who qualify for the program will receive a full planting service of a tree or shrub selected from our arborist approved list of trees, tree care instructions and a follow up tree check-up by trained local volunteers.    
The Trees, Please! program is supported financially by the Metcalf Foundation, the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation, the McCallum, McBride fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation and conducted in partnership with the Crown Point Community Planning Team.

Posted on January 20, 2015 .