Common Ground Teaching Farm - Sustainable local veggies delivered by bike to your door!

Common Ground is a teaching farm that grows relationships to food. It was created for city folk with rural dreams. Cultivating just ½ acre of land using regenerative organic and permaculture principles, our goal is to leave the land in a better state then when we started. We want to produce 100 shares of food in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. Our methods are accessible to the average city gardener and we have a unique urban homesteading curriculum that will help you say no to that lawn and start growing your own food. You may not be able to grow everything, but we can empower you to get off the industrial food grid. We are committed to paying or workers a living wage, training the next generation of farmers through internships, and partnering with organizations such as the Kitchen Collective and Welcome Inn Community Center to ensure that good food isn’t just a privilege for the wealthy.  We also strive to make sure that your food is produced with minimal environmental impact. This means offering farm-to-door bicycle based delivery, running most farm activities off a 1 kilowatt solar system, and blending old and new technology for a truly integrated approach. Whether its our solar powered, strawbale walk in cooler, clay cob pizza oven, or gardening and canning workshops, common ground wants to help you reconnect with the power of food to build healthy mind, body, and community.

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Posted on March 25, 2015 .