Complete Streets

In Fall 2015, two hundred and fifty people including community members, students, young professionals, transportation and planning experts and city representatives participated in one of two charettes that explored the challenges and opportunities of complete and liveable street designs. This report summarizes the results of these community events. The findings presented are entirely unbiased and observational, and do not represent the position of the SPN. 

Through these exercises, participants gained an appreciation for the technical constraints and social factors involved in complete and liveable street designs, but overall, realized how important they are to the future prosperity of Hamilton, both from a health perspective as well as an economic one. Participants were practical but steadfast in creating streets that were more equitable and oriented toward more sustainable and walkable urban design. 

The key observations from these workshops were that: 

  1. Overall, participants were supportive of complete streets design principles. 
  2. In most cases, participants valued health considerations for street design over other factors including the environment and economics. 
  3. Participants found the physical limitations of the street particularly challenging for implementing designs that prioritized health and environment. 
  4. Participants gained an understanding that there are trade-offs when designing streets. 


The SPN would like to thank everyone involved in the charettes. This report was submitted to the City of Hamilton through the Transportation Master Plan review, as well as the Our Future Hamilton consultation process. 

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