Sustainability Professionals Network Charter

As of October 2013



The Sustainability Professionals Network (SPN) is a dedicated group of professionals, entrepreneurs, technical and creative people in the City of Hamilton, who have expertise in some aspect of sustainability and who are committed to building a more sustainable future for the Hamilton community.

It establishes a network of professionals and existing environmental-civic groups that works to make Hamilton more sustainable through workshops, presentations, working groups, campaigns, and social events; in order to bring like-minded sustainability groups and individuals together to achieve common goals, through identifying community needs.



The mission of the SPN is to promote sustainability, environmental stewardship, sustainable systems thinking, provide opportunities for people to learn about and participate in sustainability projects, and develop a healthier and more sustainable community in Hamilton. The network endeavors to take a collaborative, community driven, ground up problem solving approach in its work. In doing so, it aims to further the education and training of young people and provide opportunities related to volunteer and work experiences, networking, and mentorships. The SPN’s sponsor organization is Sustainable Hamilton; the two groups work together to move sustainability forward in the City.


What does sustainability mean to the SPN?

To ensure a common understanding for all existing and future members, sustainability for SPN is a concept which strives for:

  • the maximization of equity and equality in opportunity and well-being both inter- and intra-generationally

  • all capitals – natural, human, cultural, social, physical, and economic – are taken into decision making as equally valid

  • the protection of social and ecological system integrity through immediate actions and long-term planning


Target Audience:

SPN aims to reach the following groups, in addition to engaging people in existing environmental groups in the city.

  • Sustainability professionals

  • Recent University/College graduates

  • Upper year University/College students in related programs/fields

  • Interested high school students

  • New immigrants/foreign trained professionals

  • Adult education (McMaster Continuing Education/Mohawk)

  • City of Hamilton staff

  • Hamilton-based federal and provincial staff (MOE regional office in Hamilton, Canada Centre for Inland Waters)


SPN Committee:

SPN Committee is composed of the Executive Committee and the Core Committee. The Executive Committee includes the following roles listed below. Sustainable Hamilton will act as a sponsoring group of the SPN and two of its members will be involved with the Executive committee in advisory and liaison roles. Core Committee members include SPN members who actively participate in the planning process of the SPN’s development (events, activities, process).

SPN Committee Sponsoring Group - Sustainable Hamilton

Click here to see the current Executive Committee members.

The SPN Committee has the ability to welcome new members and expand at any point in time. New members will be accepted via proposal of a candidate from a current Committee Member and acceptance by the Committee. Any discrepancies will be decided upon at the discretion of the Committee Chair(s).


Sustainable Hamilton Contributions:

Sustainable Hamilton will be providing in-kind, non-financial support E.g. space on website, event support, promotions, networking and mentoring opportunities, etc.; but will not set the direction of SPN, nor interfere with its independent operation and mandate.

  • Sandi Stride(advisory role)

  • Liz Nield(Sustainable Hamilton Liaison)